Haunted Mansion Holiday & Disneyland Halloween

Oct 29, 2015 | Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

The Nightmare Before Christmas overlay at the Haunted Mansion debuted in October 2001, and I saw it shortly after that holiday season, early enough in January to catch it before it returned to the original. Back then, I was not one to keep up to date on current events at the park so seeing the holiday version was a surprise. I was duly impressed with the exterior decorations, but I remember being underwhelmed by the ride and thought it looked rather tacky. My reaction was a result of a mix between my disappointment in not seeing Haunted Mansion in its original form, and mostly because of my dislike of the film (blasphemous, I know). I began to think the overlay was excessive and superfluous, especially since the original ride is already perfectly themed for Halloween.

During my AP holder years I would breeze right by the Haunted Mansion during the holiday overlay, saving myself the trouble of waiting in the line in favor of other attractions. And in recent years, my annual visits happened in the summer. Since it had been so long, and because I was in a cheerful mood (even more so than the usual “I’m at Disneyland!” good spirits), I decided to put away my prejudices and give it another try with an open mind. The line was fast paced and I passed the time with a Tigger Tail, and the sugar helped to hype me up even more.

I’m glad I went again because I really enjoyed it. Maybe my memory did me a disservice, or maybe there have been additions and improvements over the last decade, but I was quite entranced with the whole experience. From the stretching portraits to the hall gallery to the smell of the gingerbread house — it was an almost brand new experience that really wowed me.

I love the little Zero and Oogie Boogie details in the popcorn carts near the Haunted Mansion line.

I’m not very big on Halloween in general, but I love seeing Disneyland decked out in seasonal decorations. I thought the picture of the Partners statue surrounded by the beautiful jack-o-lanterns was the perfect way to end a Halloween themed post and to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!

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