Tower of Terror Send Off: Late Check Out, The Drop, and the Tower Drop Dog

Sep 20, 2016 | Disney California Adventure, Disneyland Resort, Guides

A little over a month after they announced the closure of The Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror, Disney has started aggressively capitalizing on early onset nostalgia by providing fans with various specials ranging from experiences to foods, two of which I experienced and wanted to share. These will be running until the Tower of Terror closes for good on January 2, 2017.


The best known special offering is “Late Check Out,” which is an after-dark experience of the ride. I’m going into some detail about the experience, so if you haven’t yet experienced Late Check Out for yourself and want to remain completely unspoiled, please skip ahead to the next section of the post!

Upon entering the elevator and getting strapped in, the first thing you might notice is the screams coming from beyond the walls. Are you hearing the terror of those poor souls in the moments before they’re lost in the Twilight Zone?

Hearing the screaming before your own elevator starts adds a lot to the anticipation. Especially for those of us who are huge fans of this ride and have experienced it countless times, it definitely is a new element that provides a really neat raw terror to the atmosphere.

When the elevator doors close and the narration begins, the last thing you see inside is the spiral projection on the doors before everything goes pitch black. For those of us who have learned the timing and cues based on audio and video, the lone narration does sound more sinister. And there is something fairly unsettling and disconcerting about not being able to anticipate the cue and then suddenly feeling like you’re free-falling.

In summary, it definitely is something I recommend experiencing. While a fastpass is ideal, I think it’s even worth waiting in line.


The other special offering I tried is a drink called The Drop which is currently being served at Carthay Circle. You can read a little more about the food and this drink on the Disney Parks Blog.

The ingredients that make The Drop are Grenadine and Midori, and your server pours in an ounce of Bailey’s at your table so you can see the cool mixing and swirling effect. I think it actually is a beautiful drink that perfectly fits the sinister vibe of the Tower of Terror and the Halloween season.

As cool as it looks, I definitely do not recommend this drink unless you’re an avid fan of prescription cough syrup. If you’re an adventurer and want to experience things for yourself, I probably can’t talk you out of trying this once. However, if you’re on the fence or if you’re wondering if it’s really worth trying, I cannot stress how much I do not think you should drink it.


As mentioned in the Disney Parks Blog post linked above is the Tower Drop Dog available at Award Wieners, which is on Hollywood Boulevard, halfway from your way from the park entrance towards the Tower.

Not expecting much from it, I found the Tower Drop Dog to be neither great nor terrible. The bun (black because it appears to have been “struck by lightning” according to the official Disney Parks Blog description) was extremely dry, but the all beef frank was juicy and I always enjoy a good spicy kick to my food, so on the whole it was okay. That’s not exactly a raving recommendation, I know, but I can also say it was nowhere near as disappointing or horrifying as The Drop was at Carthay Circle. So at least it’s got that going for it!


Will you miss the Hollywood Tower Hotel? Have you done Late Check Out or tried the special foods and drinks? Are you still going to try The Drop in spite of how much I begged you not to? Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

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